"When life hands you lemons...

...make whiskey sours"

Our selection of spirits has been personally and expertly chosen, with a single goal in mind - to let you try the most unusual whiskeys, gins, and cognacs from all over Ireland and the world. See our spirit list for details & make sure to ask about our specials in Kasbah!

Single Malt Whiskey

MIDELTON BARRY CROCKETT LEGACY (Single Pot Still - Midelton Distillery, Co. Cork. Single pot still elements drawn from light, medium and heavy styles; matured mainly in bourbon barrels, with a portion matured in virgin American oak barrels. No age statement but some whiskey up to 25 years used.
Tasting notes: Soft and delicate aromas with acacia honey, white flowers, baked bread & caramel toffee nuances. Highly complex flavour profile including citrus fruits, toffee, cacao, honey, engine oil & marshmallow. )
GREEN SPOT CHATEAU LEOVILLE BARTON (Single Pot Still – Mitchell & Son, Dublin. Initially matured in ex-sherry & bourbon casks, then finished in Ch. Léoville Barton Bordeaux wine casks.
Tasting notes: Fruit characters with aromas of red apples, oranges & lemon. Gentle spicy notes of clove, mace & cola. Immediately fruity and fresh, but also with touches of boiled sweets, barley sugar and citrus peel. Nice evolution in the mouth with it becoming spicy, dry and slightly tannic towards the end. )
METHOD AND MADNESS (Single Grain - Midelton Distillery, Co. Cork. Matured in combination of ex-bourbon barrels and virgin Soanish oak from Galicia.
Tasting notes: This single grain whisky has tasting notes of warm, toasted oak, fresh peeled grapefruit and zesty wood spices. It offers a perfect mix of wood spice pliayng of the natural sweetness of the grain. Warm toasted oak, fresh peeled grapefruit and zesty wood spices on the palate and sweet cereal, clove spiciness and fresh mint on the finish. )
METHOD AND MADNESS (Single Pot Still – Midelton Distillery, Co. Cork. Ever tried a whiskey aged in chestnut wood before? This also spends time in bourbon and sherry casks.
Tasting notes: Rich and warming on the nose with Christmas spices, honey and dried orange peel. An initial blast of sweet fruit, intense candied fruit and stewed apple. Lovely mouthcoating texture with fragrant citrus and spicy cinnamon. A rich, long-lasting finish with a lovely balance of fruit and spice. )
WRITERS TEARS RED HEAD (Single Malt – Walsh Whiskey Distiller, Co. Carlow. Matured in Oloroso sherry casks, giving added richness & a slightly reddish tinge.
Tasting notes: Fresh & lively with notes of tropical fruits, red apples, boiled sweets, delicate spices & juicy sultanas. Refreshing, smooth, & medium-boiled. A nice mix of malted grains, tropical fruits & ginger spice. Subtle cherry notes, great balance, and remaining spritely and fresh to the finish. )
TYRCONNEL SHERRY FINISH (Single Malt – Kilbeggan Distillery, Co. Westmeath. Matured in ex – bourbon barrels with 18 months finishing in Sherry Casks. Aged 10 years.
Tasting notes: Rich sherry characters, spicy and leathery aromas with touches of chocolate, crème caramel, dried fruits & exotic spices, dates, walnuts & raisins. Despite the warm & earthy flavours, it remains fresh and fruity. )
LAGAVULIN ISLAY SINGLE 16 (Single Malt Scotch Whiskey – Lagavulin distillery, Islay, Scotland. Following distillation, Lagavulin 16-year-old single malt scotch whiskey is matured for sixteen years in second – fill, American oak casks that were previously used to mature bourbon.
Tasting notes: Its peat moves into a weird territory of Lapsang Souchong tea and pipe tobacco, fish boxes and kippers. Its smell of laurel and light cereal, but its always sweet. Creosote, with hints of kelp and a little touch of iodine on the palate. Complex. )
REDBREAST LUSTAU EDITION (Single Pot Still - Midelton Distillery, Co. Cork. Matured in ex-biurbon & sherry casks, then finished in Oloroso sherry casks from Bodegas Lustau in Jerez.
Tasting notes: Welcoming mix of spiced apple juice, dried fruits & peel, pear drops, crystallised ginger & créme caramel. Sweet, fruity & creamy. Some classic pot still prickliness & touches of sappy oak, dried fruits & chocolate toffees. Nice development with a smooth transition from tart, bittersweet fruit to headier, chocolate, spice & oak flavours. )


HENNESY FINE DE COGNAC (Hennesy Distiller, France. Aged in traditional Charentais barriques used previously in the maturation of 3 or 4 Eaux-de-vie, perfectly balancing the combination of old cask and a controlled proportion of younger wood.
Tasting notes: Blend of Eaux-de-vie of a lively, floral nature with others that are richer and more rounded having spent long period in wood, all coming together to create a supple cognac with notes of soft nougat and coffee macaroon. Generous and easy to the palate, with subtle notes of citrus balanced by its suppleness and rounded character. )


GALWAY GIN CO. (Galway, Co. Galway. The newest creation to come out of the Wild Atlantic. The fresh dillisk from Galway’s Bay provides a unique flavour that is complimented beautifully by zesty lemon. Warmth of cardamom and the sweetness of clover and meadowsweet. ) --
GINRAW ( Barcelona, Spain. Distilled at low temperatures in small batches. Selection of Mediterranean and exotic botanicals, lime and lemon citrus, black cardamom & coriander seeds. Fresh and aromatic character. ) --
MONKEY (Black Forest, Germany. An eccentric gin distilled from 47 regional botanicals. Unique complexity with peppery spices, subtle citrus and cap notes. A myriad of flavours bursting with vitality. Long finish.) --
GUNPOWDER IRISH (Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim. Slow hand-distilled in medieval style copper pot stills. Oriental botanicals with vapour-infused citrus and spicy fresh Gunpowder green tea. Smooth boiled with long spicy finish and fruit undertones. ) --
GIN SUL (Hamburg, Germany. Mediterranean florals, coriander, rosemary, cinnamon & rich rose, and lemons from the Algarve are balanced in the ‘nostalgic; (Suadade) gin. Dry gin bottling note.) --
SHORTCROSS (Crossgar, Co. Down. A classical aromatic gin with a unique twist. Apples, elderberries & wild clover distilled with other botanicals including juniper, coriander, orange & lemon peel with cassia. Very long finish. ) --
DINGLE ORIGINAL (Dingle, Co. Kerry. Uniquely Irish botanicals, including rowan berry, fuchsia & bog myrtle, gives a fabulously fresh floral character which balances the traditional juniper. Broadly in the style category of a London dry gin. ) --


INDI & BOTANICALS (Strawberry, lime & elderberry with cinchona bark, balance of sweet, bitter & acid ) --
FEVER-TREE INDIAN (Botanical oils, spring water & ‘fever tree’ quinine, clean refreshing taste. ) --