Head Chef

Sara Croffey

"I started to be interested in cooking when I was little thanks to my mom and my aunt. With them, I started baking. I cook what I would eat, a comfort food and what no one would cook at home alone. I've been inspired by several chefs, especially by Diana Henry. For me to cook is not just job but something that makes me really happy".

The Manager

Elena Dova

"I do not like the word sommelier, I prefer to be called an Oste, which in Italian is the one who gives it to you good wine. I grew up in the vineyards of Barbera and Nebbiolo in the Langhe in Italy. When I was little I was going to pick up the grapes with my grandfather and then get the wine. The passion for wine has always been but I had to study in order to have the mastery of the correct terms to use to reach a more appropriate level of knowledge. Contact with the customer for me is crucial and my goal is to make him feel comfortable in choosing the wine that can sometimes intimidate him. Wine must be an experience for those who drink it, bring it to discover new flavours and make it part of this vast world of wines"

Second Chef

Claire Conway

"I was a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to cheffing. I have only been in the industry six years. After a year of working in kitchens in Belfast and Clare, I knew it was the career path for me and came to study at GMIT. Since then I have had the privilege of working in some amazing kitchens, such as Aniar restaurant. This new venture in the Kasbah is very exciting for me as I get to work in one of Galway's most beautiful and famous buildings, providing very accessible, tasty food, and what better way to do it than with your best friend, Sarah."

Kasbah Staff

Remi Di Medio - Rebecca O'Connor - Erin Bill - Lorna Cuddy

"I like interacting with the customer, talking to him, and explaining what's going to eat. I like to see them happy about the experience here at Kasbah. Before starting in Kasbah I did not know the wine world enough and working and now I discovered a new world of wines ... and this is something I like to share with the customer because I like to have a chat with them about the experience that wine has given. For me to work at Kasbah is to work in a place immersed in art, food and wine. A place where the atmosphere is always friendly, relaxed and where you can meet very interesting people".